Kusoma Tu has made me very excited about my future

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My name is Felix Ndugu, I joined Kusoma Tu in 2010 when I was in Std. 7. I did not know how to read and this was affecting my relationship with family as I was performing poorly in all subjects.

I was so excited about the programme that I used to be the first one to get to the class. The way Kusoma Tu taught reading was different and engaging that I soon learnt to tackle difficult words. We would be given easy story books and read and read with volunteer teachers. It was so encouraging that I worked really hard knowing that one day I will make it. I had many distractions from friends but was determined to sit for the KCPE exams, which I did in 2011. I scored 183 marks but could not join secondary school.

After staying for years at home hustling through life I felt the need to go back to school. I asked my parent s for support but was quite discouraged by their reply ‘if you failed KCPE, how will you make it in secondary school.’ This was very disheartening, but I nevertheless looked for a school. Fortunately, there was a secondary school just opening and the fees was reasonable, so I enrolled. Since I could’nt get support from anyone, I would work and pay the fees, then attend class. When fees are due and I am ‘chased from school,’ I would miss class and go out to work.

Though I joined school late, I performed well after borrowing notes from other students and felt very encouraged. I am doing well now and scoring B’s in most subjects and the teachers have a lot of confidence in me and tell me I am an ‘A’ student. They cannot believe that I could not read in Std 7.

I am now in form 3 at Aquinas High School and being supported through Kusoma Tu. I thank the Almighty and Kusoma Tu as a I feel very excited about my future.

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