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Volunteering to help young children to understand how to write and read simple sentences to complex ones in English has been fun and very encouraging. Being involved with Kusoma Tu as a volunteer over this year, I truly feel that Kusoma Tu are doing great work and im persuaded that truly, “volunteers make things happen”.

I believe that in giving time, the most wasted resource by most youths,to help a soul to attain the functional literacy level in a given nation is key and will never go unrewarded. It is much fun working with children in the remand and rehabilitation centres .You only have new chances each and everyday to give more when you visit young kids and when you go back home all they can do is cry as they wave you bye. It is touching.
Patience,  dedication to serve the young, generosity and perseverance have been the key values that I have learnt and appreciated during my volunteering span so far.It has been a great time for me and I really love and appreciate Kusoma Tu role to the nation. Volunteering is a virtue that I feel I will hold onto to the end.
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