Kusoma Tu Trust was established in 2009 to respond to the needs of children who were completing primary school and had not learnt how to read.Kusoma Tu works with pupils in various institutions whose reading and writing skills are too weak for them to have a meaningful interaction in the classroom. Our aim is to give the gift of reading to individuals who cannot read.Kusoma Tu has graduated a cohort at Jamhuri Primary School and about 5 cohorts of over 250 children at Kawangware Primary School. Our aim is to reach over 4000 children in 25 schools over the next 3 years.

Juvenile Centers

We currently run programmes in the following Juvenile Centers around Nairobi County:

Lower Kabete Remand Home – Children between the ages of 6 and 17 are taken into government custody for various reasons. Some have committed offences and others are vulnerable, found loitering or have been abounded by the parents or relatives.It’s a holding place while they are awaiting for court cases. Since the children don’t receive formal education during this time, Kusoma Tu runs a reading intervention programme through various literacy activities.

Getathuru Rehab and Risk Assessment Home – This is an initial assessment centre where the children stay for about 3 months before being taken to a rehabilitation centre. Here they receive 2 days of formal schooling and Kusoma Tu supports the centre by running a reading intervention programme.

Rehabilitation Schools – This is a long term residential school where children gain life skills. Kusoma Tu intervenes by providing reading programs to students with reading challenges. Due to their long stay, we provide an intervention platform where there is more consistency and better impact with the reading programme.

Adult Literacy

In 2009, Kusoma Tu’s aim was to help older pupils from standard 6 – 8 in public schools improve their literacy levels. We were inspired by their success stories, yet others left school still not being able to read. Country wide, the statistics in literacy each year were not and are still not very encouraging. After an encounter with adults who cannot read but yearn to do so, Kusoma Tu begun a literacy class for adults on Saturdays. We would like to expand as we give hope to adults by opening the wonderful world of reading to them.

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