Teacher Training Programme

Kusoma Tu Foundation Trust has developed a phonic sensory reading scheme. This includes a reading manual, phonic based stories and workbooks accompanied by learning resources customized for the African learner. In order teach reading the “Kusoma Tu Way”, we offer training programmes to facilitate individuals, schools and organisations to be able to effectively utilize our reading and learning resources.

Individuals/organisations who wish to begin and run Kusoma Tu programmes in partnership with Kusoma Tu Foundation Trust will receive training on application.

Kusoma Tu Foundation Trust is also dedicated to improving the quality of education that children in Kenya and Africa as a whole have access to. As a result, we have developed training programmes to add capacity to teachers/institutions across the continent. Each training programme can be run between a day and a week, depending on the amount of content the group would like to be covered.

There are training programmes available in the following areas:

  • Classroom management

This exposes teachers, more inclined to traditional ways of classroom management, to alternative methods of classroom management. It encourages them to explore various sensory tools useful for this vital part of any classroom.

  • Effective lesson planning

Are you and your students tired of monotonous content delivered in the same ways? This course enables teachers to develop new and interesting approaches to lesson planning, which will improve both their lesson delivery and achieve their objectives like never before.

  • Teaching through drama

Drama is one of the most effective yet least utilized classroom learning tools in Kenya. Kusoma Tu has developed various dramatic strategies that can be employed for use in any classroom around the country.

  • Games as an important learning tool

Learning through play is an important part of the Kusoma Tu curriculum. Teachers can learn how to use games to reinforce concepts, so that learners can learn as they have fun!

  • Creation and implementation of classroom learning materials

Why buy, when you can DIY (Do It Yourself)? There’s so much that can be used around us to create the most effective learning materials! Kusoma Tu would be delighted to help you identify the resources around you to make your classroom the best learning environment for your learners!

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