We envision a world where people are functionally literate in their societies.


Kusoma Tu provides educational support to individuals who have low literacy skills.


Volunteers Make Things Happen!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Kusoma Tu Programmes

Juvenile Centres

We run literacy programmes in three juvenile centres. Since the children don’t receive formal education, Kusoma Tu runs a reading intervention programme through literacy activities that encourages their literacy levels.

Kusoma Tu Resources

Kusoma Tu Foundation Trust has developed a reading manual accompanied by learning materials customized for the African/Kenyan child.


Kusoma Tu works with children in Primary school whose reading and writing skills are too weak for them to have a meaningful interaction in the classroom.


Kusoma Tu Foundation Trust is also dedicated to improving the quality of education that children in Kenya and Africa as a whole have access to. As a result, we have developed training programmes to add capacity to teachers/institutions across the continent.

Adult Literacy

The vision for Kusoma Tu in 2009 was to help older pupils from standard 6 – 8 in public schools improve their literacy levels. We were inspired by success stories, yet others still left school in our programmes still challenged in reading.

Educational Trips

Kusoma Tu which is a Kiswahili word ‘for just reading’ would like to expand the concept ‘of just reading’ to outside the classroom and offer educational tours to children 7-14 years in Africa and Internationally with the aim of exposing the children to the natural world, arts, heritage, culture and adventure.



Juvenile program

Kusoma Tu has been involved in three different juvenile institutions in the Lower Kabete area for about a year so far and reaches over 250 children weekly.


School Program

Having run a reading intervention programme at Kawangware primary school for the last six years and seen great improvements in literacy levels, Kusoma Tu now runs a reading room for the school.



Kusoma Tu relies heavily on our volunteers; they are the key to our success. Consider volunteering with us today be part of our story!

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