Do you comprehend?

We go through systems and daily routines that are obviously the norm. What makes news is the ‘non-normal’; drought and hunger, civil wars, kidnappings; and our hearts always go out to people suffering such unfortunate happenings. In matters education, I have felt a deep concern for pupils going without text books, girls missing school days […]

Volunteer experience with the Kusoma Tu

Volunteering to help young children to understand how to write and read simple sentences to complex ones in English has been fun and very encouraging. Being involved with Kusoma Tu as a volunteer over this year, I truly feel that Kusoma Tu are doing great work and im persuaded that truly, “volunteers make things happen”. […]

Kusoma Tu Trust – What you need to know

I first learnt of Kusoma Tu Trust while working at Haba Haba. We had just launched this amazing learning and revision application - Revision844 and were looking to work with various schools to test the app. The fact that the Kusoma Tu had piloted in a primary school that I had attended got me really excited and I wanted to know even more about it. Have you ever pictured yourself being in a situation where it's just a few months to your final exams yet you do not even know how to write your own name? Not being able to read simple 3 lettered words? How then would you be able to read questions, understand them and provide answers in the so called National (final) exam? What value will you [...]

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